You own the front-end;
we innovate at the back-end.

Retain complete control over the customer experience by creating a tailored design that meets your unique needs without fear of your platform becoming unstable or unsupportable.

It’s the perfect partnership.

The core functions of a commerce platform are not overly complex when implemented correctly.

They consist of product catalogues, carts, promotions and payment processing. With SHIFT, we separate all of this from the front-end experience, maintaining, supporting and constantly improving these facets in the background. Your front-end uses APIs to interact with these functions as and when it needs to, meaning you can build it in whichever language - and with whichever bespoke features - you wish.

This may be a simplified view, but it’s incredibly powerful. By doing this, the front-end of your commerce platform is open to change, modification and personalisation. This means you can meet your unique needs without ‘breaking’ any of the core technology we maintain in the back-end, or requiring any complex workarounds.

Diagram technology

We believe this is the future of commerce.

As you own your front-end, there’s nothing stopping you ‘repointing’ it at another commerce provider, when the industry catches up with our approach. You’d be able to migrate your products and promotional rules, and soon be off and running again.

Throughout the process, you’d maintain a consistent customer experience and significantly reduce the risk of major downtime or a drop in conversion.

With SHIFT, you’re free to go in whichever direction you choose.

Discover how SHIFT
can help you.

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