Digital Retail Platform / Commerce Without Limits

Having either operated or consulted upon almost every credible eCommerce platform available today, they all suffer from the same complaint - flexibility.

Our platform represents a shift in thinking that means retailers will no longer be restricted by:

  • Cost of operation
  • Cost of scaling
  • Availability of development resource
  • Cost of development resource
  • Rate of change
  • Cost of change

With SHIFT you can:

1 / Launch Instantly

Launch within minutes not months - SHIFT is the fastest to market, enterprise class platform available today.

2 / Scale Effortlessly

Grow without worry - auto-scaling hosting environments and per minute billing keep costs low and cope gracefully with unexpected traffic spikes.

3 / Always Reach Us

24/7, 365 day support built into every plan - we're always here to help.

4 / Drive Efficiency

Super-low development cost - leverage almost any programming language & framework from PHP to Ruby, JavaScript and more to extend the platform to meet your needs.

5 / Save Money

Our pricing plans start low and get even better as you scale - we want to support your growth not tax it.