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Create more engaging customer experiences

Our unique content management system - our Transactional Storytelling Engine - enables marketing teams with no technical knowledge to build feature-rich pages that seamlessly blend editorial content with product and transactional elements. For the first time, marketing teams can be truly empowered to give customers a rich, engaging shopping experience that boosts customer confidence and drives up average basket values without needing developer support.

Increase conversion rates

With a firm focus on the financial impact which slow website performance can have on your bottom line, we developed the SHIFT platform with a super-optimised architecture. You can deliver rapid page-load speeds across all devices, which combined with the ability to easily operate UX testing environments, boosts conversion rates.

Extend product ranges and delivery methods

We offer three ways to help you grow your product range out of the box without tying up millions in stock risk. Curated marketplaces, dropship capability and multiple distribution centre support all come as standard, so you can grow your market presence without taking a major financial hit.

Trade smarter

World-class search and filtering tools speed up the product discovery process, empowering the customer to find what they want fast. Personalisation of trading pages helps your merchandising teams target your audience, maximising revenue and profits. These tools quickly and easily integrate with artificial intelligence and machine-learning services to automate this process.

Enter new markets with ease

Once you’ve launched with us, you can easily replicate the front-end of your website. Create an identical or customised set of products and launch into foreign territories quickly with our agile deployment engine.

Improve customer service

The ability to create reviews, ratings and wishlists help make the shopping experience stress-free for consumers, while intelligent returns management systems help to make the after-sales experience smooth for everyone.

Effortlessly test new channels

Whether you want to trial sales on the latest social channel, power in-store tablet shopping as part of your omnichannel strategy, or integrate with other retailers’ marketplaces, our feature-rich APIs unlock the power of our whole system. We enable you to test and deliver cutting-edge experiences both quickly and cost effectively.

Partner easily with other best-of-breed suppliers

Easily integrate with the best third-party companies and applications for your business. Our API-centric architecture allows you to pass and receive data, and work with services such as reporting, fulfilment, and payment gateways.

Evolve without fear of downtime

Agility is key to driving improved performance and enhanced customer experiences. Roll out frequent changes with confidence, rather than waiting months for huge releases with hard-to-find bugs. Our deployment engine saves multiple known working states of your site and lets you make changes daily, without fear of extended downtime. If a change to your front-end causes issues, you can roll back to a previous state in under 30 seconds.

Be unique

Evolve your site’s functionality and design however you want. Our revolutionary architecture lets developers build any applications they want to extend your site’s features. Quickly and easily develop new tools for your customers without impacting performance, security, scalability or reliability of the core platform. You’ll never be limited by our back-end feature set.

Stay safe and sound

Supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), SHIFT provides industry-leading uptime and reliability, while our platform is PCI Level 1 compliant – meaning you’ll have full confidence in the security of your customers’ data.

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